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Go-Hi MaaS app wins Shared Mobility CiTTi Award

Published on
November 23, 2023
Jessica Johnson
Content Marketing Executive
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Mobilleo is proud to announce that the Go-Hi app, powered by our cutting-edge MaaS technology, has been awarded The Shared Mobility Award at the CiTTi Awards 2023. The event, held on 21st November in London, recognised the most innovative and impactful solutions in urban transport.

The judges commented on the win: “In a landscape of fragmented and sparse public transport services, building this platform will have been very helpful to the travelling public. Go-Hi is a very ambitious project – the sheer geographical size and scope of the scheme is hugely impressive, and they seem to have overcome the most significant challenges.”

Go-Hi, launched by HITRANS and powered by Mobilleo, exemplifies the potential of public-private partnerships in transforming urban mobility. The app simplifies travel by integrating various modes of transportation, including flights, trains, taxis, and more, into a single, user-friendly platform.

Since its inception, Go-Hi has achieved over 3,000 unique downloads and registrations, a clear indicator of its growing influence and effectiveness in offering comprehensive travel solutions. The app's success lies in its ability to support government goals for carbon emission reduction and healthier lifestyle promotion through sustainable travel choices.

As Go-Hi continues to expand its reach and capabilities, we remain committed to our vision of a more connected and sustainable transportation future for the Highlands and Islands. This recognition at the CiTTi Awards is not just an accolade for our app but a celebration of collaborative efforts to improve regional transport services.

The CiTTi Shared Mobility Award highlights our commitment to driving total cost of mobility intelligence and providing sustainable, efficient travel solutions. We congratulate HITRANS and the entire team behind Go-Hi for this remarkable achievement and look forward to continuing our collaboration in advancing smart mobility solutions.

HITRANS and Mobilleo’s partnership with BetterPoints will soon see its behaviour change platform integrated into the Go-Hi app, encouraging sustainable travel choices among residents of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. This partnership is a prime example of how technology can incentivise and reward shared and active travel, aligning perfectly with our vision of a more environmentally friendly and efficient transportation system.  

The Go-Hi app will also play a crucial role in supporting the delivery of an ambitious mobility credits scheme in conjunction with the leading mobility charity, Motability. This scheme aims to provide funded access to mobility for individuals qualifying for Motability support. This initiative is a testament our collaborative goal to advance shared mobility and inclusivity.

Our commitment to transforming urban mobility extends beyond our work with HITRANS. Mobilleo has joined the Urban Mobility Partnership (UMP), advocating for Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms to create sustainable, accessible, and integrated transport systems. This collaboration is crucial in shaping policies and practices that support the evolution of urban mobility.

Furthermore, Mobilleo's MaaS platform has been selected to power a comprehensive travel app for Transport for West Midlands (TfWM). This project aligns with TfWM’s vision of offering seamless access to integrated transport, demonstrating our capability to deliver innovative solutions that cater to the diverse needs of urban travellers.

These initiatives reflect Mobilleo's dedication to advancing smart mobility solutions. Our work with HITRANS on the Go-Hi app, our involvement with UMP, and our partnership with TfWM are just a few examples of how we are driving the future of transport.  

The Shared Mobility Award at the CiTTi Awards is a milestone in our journey, reinforcing our role in the evolution of shared mobility and our contribution to a more connected and sustainable transportation future.