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A trusted, secure and scalable technology platform built with users front and centre

Mobilleo is part of FOD Mobility Group, an award-winning multi-platform technology company with a track record of delivering scaled solutions for employee mobility.

Nearby transport

Discover transport options near you with just a tap. Find taxis, buses, trains, and more within your vicinity, making it quick and easy to see your options and plan your next journey.

Book Now

Book your preferred mode of transport in seconds. With our easy-to-use interface, you can swiftly book train tickets, taxis, vehicle rental and more, ensuring a seamless booking and travel experience.
Screenshot of Mobilleo platform displaying a map prompt 'where to', magnifying glass, and 'Explore Nearby' icons for various transport and accommodation options.


Keep track of your travel plans and history effortlessly. Access comprehensive information about your upcoming trips and previously completed journeys.


All your tickets in one place. View and manage your purchased transport tickets with ease, allowing you to conveniently access and present them whenever needed.

Route Planning

Effortlessly plan your journeys from point A to point B. Our journey planner analyses multiple transport options, providing you with the most efficient routes, including active options and numerous transport modes - public, rental and private.

In-App Booking

Streamline your travel planning with in-app booking. Once you've explored your journey plan, easily book your transport directly within the app. Whether it's purchasing train tickets or booking a taxi, enjoy the convenience of arranging your transport seamlessly within a single app experience.

Journey Details

Dive into the details of your planned journey. Get a comprehensive view of your itinerary, including journey segments and estimated travel times. Explore the planned route in-depth, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate smoothly from start to finish.

Personalised Preferences

Customise your travel experience with personalised preferences. Our journey planner empowers you to select your preferred transport modes and set active travel preferences. Whether you prioritise walking, cycling or public transport options, tailor the journey planner to match your individual needs.

Book for Others

With our fully integrated desktop middle office suite, PA's, travel bookers, or employees can access lightning-quick booking tools to make seamless reservations on behalf of others, ensuring a smooth and efficient booking process.

Amend Bookings

Easily amend bookings for employees while they are on the go. Our user-friendly interface allows you to make quick changes to travel plans, ensuring flexibility and convenience.


Say goodbye to the hassle of navigating different apps and websites. Our desktop booker streamlines the entire process, consolidating all your travel needs under one roof for a hassle-free experience.


Rest easy knowing that our dedicated Mobilleo travel team is available to assist you. Whether it's handling unexpected cancellations or catering to special requests, our concierge service ensures personalised support and peace of mind.

Front & Middle Office

Configured for front office or middle office users, allowing them to have different levels of access to reports and information depending on their role within the organisation.


Full business intelligence and reporting dashboards to track movement, spend, budgets and any data you define within your business.

Schemes & Budgets

Monitor and manage mobility schemes and budgets within your organisation. You can also set policies and preferences.

Travel Policies

Customise your employees' travel to align with your organisational travel policy. With Mobilleo, you have the flexibility to tailor travel options, ensuring compliance with your specific guidelines and preferences.

Our trusted travel providers

Discover a world of seamless business travel with our curated network of suppliers. From comfortable stays to swift rides, we offer endless possibilities for business travellers to explore and unwind.
Travel Modes

All travel modes in one app

Experience stress-free journeys with seamless transport connections and convenient features like charging and parking locators.


Discover online booking for rail travel throughout the UK. Easily book tickets, compare prices, and view journey details before boarding.


Bus: Experience convenient city travel with our user-friendly platform for bus journeys. Enjoy easy online booking and explore your destination with ease.


Discover the charm of urban landscapes while enjoying the convenience of online booking, journey updates, and a smooth, tram-based commute.


With streamlined online booking, real-time updates, and ticketless commutes, immerse yourself in the pulse of the city while we handle the logistics.

Vehicle Rental

Unlock the freedom of the open road with our reliable vehicle rental services. Choose from a wide range of vehicle locations across the world, book online, and embark on your journey with confidence.

Car Club

Enjoy the convenience of on-demand access to a fleet of vehicles, perfect for short trips and city explorations, all at your fingertips.


Pedal your way through city streets with our bike rental options. Embrace a greener and healthier mode of transportation, easily book your ride online, and discover the city at your own pace.


Effortlessly navigate busy city streets and beat the traffic with our scooter rentals. Experience the thrill of zipping around town, book your scooter online in a few taps, and enjoy the freedom of two wheels.


Arrive at your destination in style and comfort with our reliable taxi services. Our professional drivers ensure prompt and efficient transportation, allowing you to focus on your important meetings and engagements.


Indulge in exceptional comfort and convenience with our carefully curated selection of business-friendly hotels to ensure a productive and restful stay.


Enjoy streamlined booking processes, comfortable journeys, and assistance throughout check in, security and boarding.


Unlock a world of convenience as various modes of transportation are combined, from flights to taxis, trains to bikes, creating customised journeys tailored to your unique itinerary in the app.

EV Station

Discover convenient charging points, easily locate available stations, and ensure a smooth journey as you embrace sustainable mobility with confidence.


From city centres to airports, find secure and convenient parking spaces, effortlessly book in advance, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your vehicle is well taken care of while you focus on business.

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KINTO UK opts for Mobilleo platform to power Derby City Council’s Urban MaaS project.

KINTO is a start-up backed by Toyota, the largest automotive brand in the world. KINTO offers a...
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HITRANS chooses Mobilleo platform to power GO-HI rural MaaS project in Scotland

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TfGM works in partnership with Mobilleo to power its IMOVE MaaS solution for Greater Manchester

Manchester was one of five European Living Labs to participate in the IMOVE innovation project...
bp - Mobility Hub
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BP partners with Mobilleo for the launch of London’s first smart mobility hub

BP launched London’s first mobility hub at The O2 in Greenwich Peninsula in December 2020. The...
Cat Tech
10 min read

Cat Tech chooses Mobilleo to streamline their international travel management operations

Cat Tech were using separate apps and websites to book global travel and accommodation for their...
KINTO - Derby Go
10 min read

KINTO UK opts for Mobilleo platform to power Derby City Council’s Urban MaaS project.

KINTO is a start-up backed by Toyota, the largest automotive brand in the world. KINTO offers a...

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