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BP partners with Mobilleo for the launch of London’s first smart mobility hub

BP launched London’s first mobility hub at The O2 in Greenwich Peninsula in December 2020. The hub provided residents, workers and the wider community with access to smarter transport options and facilities in one location using the Mobilleo platform.

A BP Mobility Hub in London with EV chargers for vehicles.

The Journey

At Mobilleo, we understand that no two customer journeys are the same. This is why the journey doesn't end once you get from A to B. We'll keep in touch with you for the 'long-haul', whether that's through ongoing customer support, white-label solutions or further in-app features and integrations. Take a look at our BP journey below.

The Customer

BP plc is one of the world’s largest integrated energy companies with operations in Europe, North and South America, Australasia, Asia and Africa. The business employs over 70,000 people worldwide, its customer and products division has over 20,000 branded retail sites in 21 countries and more than 11.5 million customer touchpoints per day.

BP’s Advanced Mobility Unit (AMU) was launched in 2018 to establish the company as the leading provider of integrated solutions for the world of future mobility. These solutions include EV infrastructure and supply, connected end-to-end fleet services, on-demand mobility, last mile logistics, and integrated city mobility solutions.

The Challenge

BP is undergoing a transformation to re-invent their business and re-imagine energy. With the rise of vehicle electrification, they are developing a strategy to re-purpose their forecourts and explore the opportunity of introducing smart mobility hubs.

The BP mobility hub concept was developed to meet shifting customer needs, as mobility increasingly moves towards usership and away from ownership. The hubs aim to provide customers with electric vehicle charging alongside other mobility and convenience offerings.

BP wanted to launch London’s first multi-transport hub in Greenwich Pensinsula. The hub was designed to provide residents, workers and the wider community with clean and sustainable transport options that converge facilities and information together in one location.

BP needed an experienced MaaS technology provider to develop a bespoke desktop and smartphone application that could integrate the mobility options and service providers offered by the hub.

The Solution

BP worked closely with Mobilleo to develop a tailored version of the mobility hub app, which incorporated the BP branding. The app brought together a wide range of mobility and convenience offers from project partners BP pulse, BP Wild Bean Café, Brompton Bike Hire, Enterprise Car Club, and InPost.

Customers can use the app to rent a shared car club car or hire a folding Brompton bicycle, organise parcel deliveries and have a refreshment or snack, in one location through the BP app. They can also plan their journey to and from the BP mobility hub, as well as find, book and pay for train tickets, taxi fares, e-car rentals and hotel rooms.

The BP mobility hub app can also be used to locate other EV charging locations, parking, ATMs, car washes, car repairs, restaurants and bars. Mobilleo is also providing dedicated customer support alongside the app and a data platform that offers instant access to detailed management reporting information.

The Result

The official launch of the bp mobility hub was launched in November 2020 at The O2 in Greenwich Peninsula. If the project is proven to be commercially viable, bp will be looking to develop a nationwide network of bp mobility hubs, in support of the move towards electrification – and a lower carbon future.

The first bp mobility hub in London is an important step in bp’s future mobility and electrification strategies. If proven successful, bp mobility hubs will be rolled out across cities in the UK.

Richard Bartlett
Richard Bartlett
SVP Future Mobility & Solutions