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Mobilleo joins forces with the Urban Mobility Partnership

Published on
October 11, 2023
Jessica Johnson
Content Marketing Executive
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The team at Mobilleo are pleased to announce our recent membership to the Urban Mobility Partnership (UMP). It’s an alliance that we’re proud to be part of, standing with like-minded mobility movers and shakers, working to create solutions that shape a better future for urban mobility.  

Both our organisation and the UMP are driven by the belief that Mobility as a Service (MaaS) platforms play a crucial role in driving the essential transition towards modern transport systems. These need to be sustainable, accessible, and seamlessly integrated, and cater to the needs of businesses, locales, infrastructure, and individuals alike.

The Urban Mobility Partnership (UMP) has been vocal in advocating for the establishment of a MaaS Code of Practice which was released in August this year. This essential guideline is designed to bolster both the public and private sectors, as well as authorities and operators engaged in delivering effective MaaS solutions.  

These recommendations spotlight the importance of accessibility, the necessity of data sharing, the commitment to fair competition, and the inclusion of sustainable transport operators within MaaS solutions. Each of these elements is crucial in crafting a MaaS environment that is not only competitive and fair but also accessible and sustainable for all users.

Our Go-Hi App, a MaaS platform powered by Mobilleo, has been featured as a best practice example within the Code of Practice and is the UK's largest MaaS deployment to date. We collaborated with fellow UMP members like Enterprise, Stagecoach, and Brompton Bike Hire to deliver an award-winning MaaS project aimed at enhancing public transport accessibility in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.  

It’s a testament to the collaborative efforts of all partners involved and a shining example of what we can achieve when we work together to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of MaaS.  

And there’s more – we’ve recently been tasked with developing a comprehensive MaaS application for the West Midlands, thanks to funding from the Department for Transport’s Future Transport Zones programme. Our collaboration with TfWM will offer users a one-stop solution for planning, booking, and paying for various transport options, from buses and trains to e-scooters and taxis.  

This initiative not only embodies our vision for smart mobility but also amplifies the impact we aim to achieve alongside our esteemed partners at UMP, driving forward a future where mobility is intuitive, inclusive, and ingeniously simple for everyone.

James Lancaster, the Chair of UMP, commented, “We are excited to work closely with Mobilleo, who represent the future of transport with its focus on MaaS and integrated transport solutions. Mobilleo’s expertise in launching and scaling Mobility-as-a-service platforms will undoubtedly make travel options more accessible and sustainable.”

Our very own Ross Basnett, Strategic Account Director at FOD Mobility Group, is equally enthusiastic about rejoining UMP, “As a leading and award-winning Mobility-as-a-Service provider, we are excited to work closely with the other members of the Partnership on further developing policy around MaaS technology to help drive the UK forward as leaders in smart and sustainable mobility.”

With the UK Government and the Department for Transport acknowledging the importance of MaaS, it’s a thrilling time to rejoin UMP. Together, we aim to develop and implement policies that not only support the public and private sectors but also promote fair competition, data sharing, and the inclusion of sustainable transport operators within MaaS solutions.