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Mobilleo MaaS platform chosen to power new TfWM travel app

Published on
July 3, 2023
Matt Lenton
Marketing Director
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Leading multi-platform technology company FOD Mobility Group has been appointed by Transport for West Midlands (TfWM) to help design, develop and deliver a new wide-ranging mobility as a service (MaaS) app.

The region-wide travel app will be powered by the Yorkshire-based tech firm’s Mobilleo MaaS platform, giving residents and visitors in the West Midlands access to all transport modes in one place. The ground-breaking project aligns with TfWM’s plans to offer a new approach for customers travelling around the region by improving access to integrated transport.

Users can plan journeys, receive live travel information, book and pay for all local transport options – including buses, trains, trams, e-Scooters, walking, cycle hire, taxis, Demand Responsive Transport (DRT), car rental, car club and parking. Wherever the user wants to travel to, the app gives them the most convenient, cost-effective and sustainable option, tailored to their individual preferences.

This is a major step towards TfWM’s ambition of one app, one account, everywhere they could want to go, accessible at their fingertips.

It is designed to revolutionise public and shared transport in the West Midlands by making it easier and quicker for people to get information, choose more sustainable travel and find the best value fares. It will replace the existing TfWM app. One app, one account, all bases covered.

Alongside FOD Mobility Group, TfWM is working on the project with a range of partners including consultants Arcadis – providing behaviour change advice, Brompton Bike Hire and Enterprise Rent-A-Car and Car Club. Other project partners include ITO World – who provide real time public transport data across the West Midlands, Euclid and Unicard – responsible for integration with TfWM’s Swift smart travel scheme. Local authority and transport operator partners will also collaborate on the app development.

The development has been funded from the Department for Transport’s Future Transport Zone programme.

It is designed to deliver on aims set out in the Local Transport Plan by building trust through an enhanced user experience, integrating ticketing and information, and helping to decarbonise our transport networks.

Anne Shaw, executive director of Transport for West Midlands commented: “TfWM is putting unprecedented investment into growing our Metro, rail, bus and active travel networks.

“As well as developing travel modes, we need to look closely at how we can make accessing transport as seamless as possible through simple plan, book and pay mechanisms. This will encourage more people to use public and shared transport, or active travel and reduce private car use.
“With this new mobility as a service platform we are looking to do just that. We are working with some of the best British tech and mobility companies to design an app which is easy to use, convenient and offers great value. This will be a one stop shop for anyone looking to travel around the West Midlands. We are delighted to bring FOD Mobility Group and other key partners on board to work on this exciting project.”

FOD Mobility Group’s CEO, Justin Whitston, added: “We are truly delighted to be working with TfWM on what will be an exciting and scalable mobility as a service project, powered by our Mobilleo platform. We look forward to working long-term to deliver a new approach to travelling around the West Midlands.”

Oz Choudhri, head of mobility solutions, UK and Ireland for Enterprise said: “We are very excited to be a partner in the project. Enterprise already has a strong presence throughout the West Midlands through our rental and car club operations.

“We are confident that we will further grow this presence enabling us to play a key role in delivering shared and sustainable transport. We will also be working with TfWM on a number of social value projects which will engage with residents and businesses.”

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