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What is Mobilleo?

Published on
January 5, 2017
Matt Lenton
Marketing Director
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Mobilleo is an up and coming world class technology platform for business. It combines all modes of business travel (the company car, hire cars and all forms of ground transportation) into one smart mobility solution. Our state of the art smart mobility engine can help reduce hours spent on planning, as well as travel and vehicle costs.

Our platform assesses any business journey and then presents you with all forms of available transport, including the cost of driving your own vehicle into a door to door itinerary. You can find, book and pay in seconds for the most suitable mode of transport based on your preferences or companies policies.

Who is Mobilleo for?

Mobilleo is a technology that can be revolutionary to many people in business when it comes to travel. Examples of people that can move forward with Mobilleo in your business are:

Fleet Managers

Mobilleo can assist the day to day activities for a business fleet manager and revolutionise their work flow. It offers an all in one mobility management solution that incorporates vehicle and journey management as well as saving money by presenting cost effective solutions.

Business Travellers

The way the business traveller operates is about the change in a big way. Mobilleo offers a cost effective timely solution that will learn as you travel. Gone are the days of multiple bookings, tickets and receipts. Mobilleo brings everything a business traveller needs into one find, book & pay platform.

Personal Assistants

As business travel changes assistants will have to change too. This means keeping up to date with planning and organising and this can be a time consuming task. Mobilleo offers a quicker and easier solution to organise travel through a find, book and pay smart mobility itinerary.

Car Hire Bookers

For Car Hire Bookers, Mobilleo can offer a less time consuming a more efficient way of booking. It will also simplify the process and be more cost effective for your business offering a wide range of choices from a long list of suppliers.


Reconciling invoices from multiple service providers can waste hours in productivity. Gone are the days of multiple file sorting or paper filing, Mobilleo will revolutionise the way you work by automatically organising invoices from the find, book & pay itinerary.

Executive Data

Our technology can learn with your users as the product is used. This is down to data that is driven through the personal smart mobility engine. It allows the application to suggest ever increasingly useful cost effective travel solutions for your business.

Where does Mobilleo come from?

Mobilleo is a product of Fleetondemand who are world class technology leaders in the business fleet industry. With over 15 years of experience the team has worked hard to create technology platforms that meet the needs of hundreds of businesses every day.

Mobilleo comes from years of research into how business travel is changing. As technology grows and brings in new concepts such as MaaS (Mobility as a Service) we figured that there needs to be a technology platform at the front of this revolution. We first do this by recognising the problems in the current market today. We see the business journey is a disconnected experience that requires the use of multiple service providers with multiple technologies and costs. This is an ever growing problem for a world in which technology is constantly driving the industry forward.

Why Mobilleo?

We’ve been building class leading technology for over 15 years and our new platform Mobilleo is the first to enter the market as a dedicated business mobility provider. Built for the needs of the industry and driving concepts such as Maas (Mobility as a Service) our view is to place the employee first and not outdated policies, when considering business journeys and company cars. Employee engagement through flexibility and choice is the key to future of corporate mobility in a highly connected world.