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The Corporate Entrepreneur Awards – Rising Star and Fellowship Nominations

Published on
November 16, 2018
Matt Lenton
Marketing Director
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The Corporate Entrepreneur Awards (CEA) are almost here! Featuring some of the biggest brands all competing for different awards, it is an honour to be a part of such a prestigious event. The CEA show celebrates and appreciates the work that has gone into some of the most up and coming business innovations by hosting an event dedicated to the exposure of these promising companies. Having been running for 9 years, the Corporate Entrepreneur Awards have become renowned as a popular and successful event that provides a great opportunity for business to expand their network and gain exposure for their creations.

We at Mobilleo are proud to be nominated for the Rising Star award facing off against other strong competitors such as Microsoft, E-on and Audi. Being in its final day of the voting process, we are very optimistic on the result of the ceremony and we are especially looking forward to celebrating the leaps and bounds our company has made over recent years to get to where we are now.

“With such a large amount of competition, it feels especially great to know that our platform Mobilleo has been recognised as having the potential to possibly shift the entire industry of travel. It’s especially pleasing to see our brand competing at the same level as Ebay, Shell, Coca-Cola and Barclays. We’re looking forward to the award evening and delighted to be nominated”

– Justin Whitston, CEO of Fleetondemand.

If you haven’t already, please vote for us at

[EDIT] Voting has now closed. Thank you for taking your time out to vote for us.