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Up & Coming Technology Trends in 2017

Published on
January 27, 2017
Matt Lenton
Marketing Director
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As we enter 2017 there are more and more technologies being announced and revealed to the world. Technology can make all of our work and personal lives easier, but no industry will be as influenced by technology as the travel industry. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of our emerging trends to watch:

AI & Automation

Artificial Intelligence & Automation systems have been around for years. However, it’s only in recent years it has started to enter our homes and lives with life changing effects. Amazon’s latest drone delivery service is a good example of how technology will change the way we receive something that is ordered off the internet in the future. This is nothing now in business however has automation has been used for years but now things are getting smarter, and here’s why.

AI systems such as Siri and Google Assistant are very useful when it comes to Mobilleo. These application API’s will be able to talk Mobilleo and accept commands such as “Find my last journey” or “Take me to London Kings Cross” and the application will act on your command. It will also talk back to you and ask you what your preferences for this journey.

The Internet of Things

Leading on from automation and AI is the internet of things. The Internet of Things is the idea that the internet can connect your daily life together through the means of internet enabled technology. A lot of the focus of the idea has been put onto the common household. Its the idea that with the click of a button you can open your blinds, dim the lights, make a cup of coffee or turn the heating up. This is all enabled over internet and products such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are part of the revolution.

The internet of things will also affect the business travel industry not just in the home but on the move too. Cars could be pre heated before they are entered, seats could be adjusted and sat navs could be pre loaded with directions to save time. This concept will enter almost every corner of our lives and it has already started in recent years with the release of Artificial Personal Assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant. How far will this go in 2017?

Virtual Reality

I think its safe to say Virtual Reality games and applications took the world by storm in 2016. From Samsung’s ‘Gear VR’ headset (which lets you turn your samsung smartphone into a VR experience) to the more expensive Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, there is something for just about everyone. 2017 will see the platform become more affordable and more integrated into the mainstream. This will mean more immersive games and more useful applications.

Currently the military use VR in various training scenarios but we could also see it appearing in business. It will be a clever marketing tool for car companies advertising the experience of being in one of their cars. These experience could be downloaded to individual users and they could decide for themselves what vehicle they would like to rent for a business journey.

On-Demand Services

On demand services in the past few years have skyrocketed in popularity. Technologies such as Uber, Netflix & Amazon Prime have all become major players in the On-Demand services market. 2017 will see these services get better and new services appear on the market. Mobilleo will be part of this explosion in 2017 bringing business travelers an on demand find, book & pay solution. No longer will be the days of spending countless hours searching for different forms of travel at the more affordable prices. Mobilleo does this all for you in one single application.

OLED Technology

Organic Light-emitting Diode or OLED as people are calling it is the newest screen technology to hit the market. It is currently used in high end 4K television sets and certain phones but 2017 is the year OLED panels will get a whole lot cheaper. OLED panel TV’s tend to be at the higher end of 49-70 inch. This is because at higher resolutions such as 4k, the amount of detail that is shown can only be truly appreciated the bigger the panel is. The smaller the panel the less detail is able to be seen.

OLED panel’s have also been seen on many recent Samsung Galaxy phones. They have a reputation for saturated colours that (depending on your preference) most people say looks better than standard LED.