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Making Business Travel Easier For Self-Employed Workers

Published on
February 7, 2019
Matt Lenton
Marketing Director
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Being self employed can often be considered as an arduous task for many and managing your expenses will appear daunting and difficult without the proper tools. Business travel is just one example of where several different payments on multiple platforms will need to be made on a daily basis.

Fortunately, it may come as a relief for self-employed workers to know that Mobilleo is a platform that will manage all your business travel documents and expenses in one place with a wide range of other benefits too.

Consolidating Data and Expense

It can be hard for many self-employed workers to correctly track all their expenses over the many travel platforms they are forced to use for business travel. Therefore, having a platform that puts all bookings into one app and then consolidates all the data into an easy-to-read write up will make it notably easier for workers to manage their own expenses. Compared to having to record one’s expenses over all the booking sites used before platforms like Mobilleo became available, it is clear that these platforms have a very applicable use to a self-employed workers business travel.

Versatility of the platform

Mobilleo is available for free download over Android, iOS and desktop allowing self-employed workers a variety of ways to access this MaaS platform. Having this versatility means that you have the freedom to decide which platform you want to manage your business travel on based on which you feel most proficient. This freedom of choice brings convenience to the user in an area that is widely considered stressful and a chore to some.


Mobilleo presents the user with the opportunity to pay by card or PayPal, meaning that a self-employed worker can choose their preferred payment platform to book travel on. By giving the user the user to option to use their preferred method of payment it adds to the overall convenience of the app but also allows the user to better track their expenses should they need to work out the cost of separate journeys.

Useful on the go

Booking business travel for self-employed workers requires mobility and application whilst on the go, that’s why Mobilleo is available on mobile platforms so that last-minute bookings can be made with the minimal amount of stress involved. A self employed worker will have all of their mobility needs packed into their pocket and everything will be just a few clicks away making for an easier and more convenient solution.


It can be difficult to effectively plan business travel for any worker, whether self-employed or not, as many will forget to include the expenses for micro-journeys. Micro journeys are the small journeys between each major journey, such as the taxi to the train station from your home. Mobilleo’s journey planner feature incorporated these micro-journeys into the final overall price of your next business travel venture, meaning that you don’t need to worry about forgetting these vital parts of your business travel.

Being self employed means that many responsibilities are left for one person to organise and that can more often than not lead to a major amount of stress and confusion for the traveller. Our business travel platform Mobilleo works to make at least one part of your management easier, in turn allowing you to place your focus on other, less optimised areas therefore making your work-life that little bit easier.