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How Mobilleo can Benefit Personal Assistants

Published on
February 14, 2019
Matt Lenton
Marketing Director
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A Personal Assistant’s job entails a multitude of responsibilities and requirements, all which need to be met at precise deadlines. Some of these tasks are arduous and often tedious, in some cases when they don’t need to be. A specific responsibility some PA’s may have is organising travel for members within the company, especially in SME’s (Small-to-Medium Enterprises) and this can be a time-consuming task. However, our product Mobilleo can greatly reduce the time and effort required to book travel whilst also managing to provide cheaper, more cost-effective alternatives to your employee’s business travel.

When organising travel for others by traditional means, Personal assistants can come across a number of problems differing in intensity and difficulty to overcome. Using an alternative method of organising travel such as using the Mobilleo platform, these problems very quickly become menial if not completely erased. The most obvious issue PA’s face when organising business travel is the amount of time spent browsing sites for the correct bookings across different travel methods. The surmountable time spent on visiting multiple sites could be used for much more time-sensitive responsibilities, therefore using Mobilleo consolidates all travel bookings into one platform to make the whole process much simpler and quicker, allowing for these time-sensitive duties to be given more focus.

Managing travel for business purposes requires the personal assistant to keep an accurate track of the expenses paid out towards business travel, this can often be made difficult through unexpected payments such as micro-journeys, parking tickets or tolls. Using the Mobilleo platform, these possibly overlooked costs are accounted for using the platforms smart mobility engine and route planner. Our Door-to-Door travel system takes into account the micro-journeys that business travellers make, these journeys are trips such as the taxi ride to the train station or the bus to the airport. These micro-journeys are still very much part of the commute yet are frequently overlooked when totalling travel expense.

Mobilleo even comes with an in-built budget management feature, allowing a user to set themselves a base spending amount and our platform will calculate your expenditure and provide you with the best travel options based upon your budget. This combined with the search feature collecting all forms of travel and finding the cheapest option creates a significantly more optimised travel booking system than what many Personal Assistants are accustomed to.

The element of freedom of choice may often be overlooked as a convenience, however its importance is underestimated when considering travel booking. Having the opportunity to set your own search requirements can be incredibly beneficial towards organising your travel in the most effective and enjoyable manner. Should a PA want to exclude certain methods of travel from their search results such as Air travel then the search functionality on our platform will allow such preferences to made.

Mobilleo as a platform understands the need for a new travel model to be brought into fruition. To introduce a new way to commute, we understand how we need to appeal to those who book business travel for many. By understanding the wants and needs of the personal assistants that have the responsibility of booking travel for many employees, we can better develop our product to be the most user-friendly and travel-friendly platform to date.

If you are a P.A and would like to learn more about how Mobilleo might help you in your day to day work life then speak to one of our team on 03303 11 51 35 or email

Alternatively you can download the app free now and try for yourself.