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5 Ways to Reduce Mobility Costs This Month

Published on
January 29, 2017
Matt Lenton
Marketing Director
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We all want to save money. The less we spend on our travel the happier we tend to be (providing the service we receive is adequate enough). This is why we have compiled 5 of our recommended ways that you can save money on your business’s mobility this month.

Booking Ahead – Where Possible!

This might seem the most obvious way to save money, booking ahead of time but it is one of the most effective ways to save money on travel. However to book ahead your schedule must be organised and timely. If you have everything set out that you about to embark on a minimum of 2 month ahead then you can save a great deal of money pre booking flights, train tickets and hotels. Companies will raise the price of tickets and rooms where there is a massive demand. So booking a week before a flight might not be the best idea when there are other last minute people all looking for a seat.

Travelling Light

This seems like another no brainer but it is also another effective way to save money. With airlines charging extra on top to carry an extra bag and having to lug bags around cities (often resulting in an extra taxi fare or two) you may need to look at your haul and think ‘Do I really need all this?’. You should only take the bare essentials; Laptop, documentation. change of clothes and any important extras. Also, do your research on baggage allowance and charges – you don’t want any unexpected charges sprung upon you when you get to an airport. Most airlines allow 10-15kg hand luggage allowance. This should be plenty for you if you are smart about it.

Travel Together

There are many services that allow people to travel together to save money these days. Take services such as UberPool, Zip Car or general car pooling as it is. Sharing means that you can split the cost therefor making it cheaper for both participants. This may also help you build relationship with people that will allow the possibility of more opportunities to take part in car pooling activities therefore saving you more money on your business travel.

Travel if Only Necessary

These days technology is king. So reconsider you trips. Do you really need to do that demo face to face? Do you really need to sign that document all the way down in London or up in Scotland? There are technological solutions for just about everything these days from e-signing documents to video conference calls that are of high standard. Try re-evaluate your plan and take certain unnecessary trips off the agenda.

Keep a Track of Add-On Costs

When travelling, it is a must you need to be constantly aware of add-on costs that may occur. For example if you book a hotel room it may be required that you pay for wifi or they charge you for certain condiments. You can also incur a wide range of taxes. Always stay aware and do some digging to ensure that you are not collecting these secret costs and getting a nasty bill higher then you expected at the end of your journey.