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10 Travel Start-ups With Mobility-as-a-Service Technology

Published on
June 16, 2017
Matt Lenton
Marketing Director
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Each and every year there is a new way technology is influencing how we travel. British Airways recently introduced facial recognition technology at Heathrow so passengers could board quicker. Automotive manufacturers such as General Motors have recently invested heavily in car sharing initiatives as younger drivers look to usership ahead of car ownership.It’s not just major corporations making waves in travel technology however.

In the last 3 years we’ve seen numerous travel start-ups spring up and change the way we travel. With this in mind, here are some of our favourite start-ups to look out for…

DUFL – Travel baggage free through the airport…

DUFL is a premium service app that allows users to house and launder an entirely separate travel wardrobe and ship it to your destination for a flat rate of $99 for each roundtrip, plus $9.95 per month for storage. Aimed at travelers who regularly travel the world but want to look fresh, this simple but effective app aims to take all the stress and cost of baggage from travel. Travelers can travel baggage free and pick up/drop off their luggage at their hotel.

Arizona, USA

Geosure – Crowd-sourced travel data for your safety…

Worried about straying into an area of the city that isn’t safe? Not sure what country borders you want to avoid when backpacking? Geosure is a “location-sensitive personal security app” that helps travelers identify safe and unsafe areas. Using GPS and real-time crowd-sourced safety data (crime statistics, political uprising threats, health & environment factors) the app is literally a life-saver and can ensure travelers return safely from their destination.

New York, USA

Kowo – Car-pooling for commuters…

Another business based app that companies can use to encourage employees to motivate and organize carpooling. Focused on improving commuting in an “ecological, economic and stress-free way”, Kowo allows employees to connect with each another in their area and manage carpooling itineraries and rotas. Other benefits of the app include an emission saving calculator, real-time driver tracking and cost saving analysis.

Brussels, Belgium

Turo – Rent cars directly from the owner…

Previously known as RelayRides, Turo is a peer-to-peer app that allows users to rent cars directly from private owners. At vastly reduced rates in comparison to traditional car rental companies, Turo are changing the way travelers rent cars in the US and Canada.

San Francisco, USA

Grab – Never miss a meal at the airport…

Ever been stuck in traffic and then forced to run through the airport so you don’t miss your flight? It’s a stressful and annoying experience and often means many travelers aren’t able to stop and grab a pre-flight meal or drink. Grab is a mobile app that allows users in over 16 US airports to search the airports food menus, find what they want and book it. Grab users can then quickly pick up their food if they’re in a rush. The app even provides airport maps so you can navigate the sprawling concourse to ensure it’s a quicker process.

Delaware, USA

Rocketrip – Empowering employees to save on travel costs with rewards…

Another great app that is changing the way businesses approach travel. Rocketrip empowers employees to use their app to book their own travel arrangements. If employees book arrangements that are likely to be cheaper than usual company costs, they can keep half their savings and earn rewards. This encourages employees to find and book the best cost effective deals they can get. Companies save on travel costs and employees are rewarded for their thriftiness.

New York, USA

Flush – The world’s largest database of public toilets…

When you have to go, you have to go, or so think the founders of Flush. This app boasts the largest database of public toilets in the world. A novel but useful app to many travelers, users can quickly find their nearest available toilet using crowd-sourcing. It might not be the most traditional app but depending on circumstances, could be the most invaluable!

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

whim – Pay as you travel across multiple methods of transport…

Developed in Finland, the Whim mobile app allows users to travel in just one cost. Users can sign up to a monthly fee, or pay-as-you-go and get access to buses, taxis, car hire and more in order get about. Whim syncs with your phone calendar to make travel suggestions that could be more environmentally friendly as well as more cost-effective.

Helsinki, Finland

Tripeasel – Blogger made holidays online…

Billed as creating “highly personalized and affordable” holidays, Tripeasel uses expert travel bloggers and travel agents to help users find and create bespoke travel experiences. The app aims users to explore unusual destinations and recommendations from their army of well-travelled bloggers. Users can tell their “blogger” what they want and for how much, and in return can receive a tailor made holiday unlike any other.

Bangalore, India

Mobilleo – The travel app for businesses and business travelers…

Mobilleo is a ground-breaking Mobility-as-a-Service app for business launched by fleet technology providers Fleetondemand. Mobilleo can save businesses hours of time in planning, travel and vehicle costs. Using smart mobility technology, the iPhone and Android app assesses any business journey and then presents you with all forms of available transport, including the cost of driving your own vehicle into a door to door purchasable itinerary. The real power of the app comes with its analytics which allows financial directors and fleet managers to assess and analyse their businesses total travel costs.

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

To find out how your business can utilise Mobilleo, please get in touch with us online or give us a ring on 03303 11 51 35