The full stack Mobility as a Service solution 

When projects require a complete solution, the Mobilleo platform can be deployed to meet that need from front-end native apps, journey planning and integration layer API through to payment ticketing and a complete back-office desktop MaaS management suite.

Defining your target MaaS model

Our experience as an established technology provider drives our ability to help define mobility objectives, which results in a completely tailored MaaS technology deployment.

Give your population of users the right result

Mobilleo’s proprietary Smart Journey Planning engine continually evolves and learns user preferences and trends. Finding the right mode at the right time is key to front end app delivery for users.

Multi-modal all the way

Mobilleo Smart Journey Planning combines travel segments which are tailored to user preferences and criteria across public transport active travel and micro mobility.

Pay as you go or mobility bundles 

A powerful back-end billing and reconciliations engine sits at the core of Mobilleo. Integrations into multiple back-end systems is a core competency. This allows us to configure flexible packages for users.

Pay as you go

Mobility weekly

Mobility monthly

MaaS Technology + MaaS Operator 

With our back-office infrastructure and service delivery team, Mobilleo can also be deployed as individual MaaS Operator to work with any other MaaS technology solution or service providers.

Enabling Mobility as a Service success 

The Mobilleo back-office suite allows holistic user engagement and security controls, power data analytics, behavioural change programmes and incentives and TMaaS Total mass efficiency metrics output in the way your scheme requires.

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