An ever-growing network of global partnerships

The Mobilleo platform connects people, businesses and cities to an evergrowing network of public and private service providers. We’ve built integrations with thousands of partners worldwide, including transport, travel, payment, ERP and business intelligence.

Supply Chain Partners

Business Partners

Driving integrations across business intelligence partners and backend systems

Card & Payment

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Take part in ground-breaking MaaS projects

As a Mobilleo partner you’ll be supporting ground-breaking urban and rural MaaS projects in collaboration with Government departments, authorities, universities and transport bodies.

GO-HI Rural MaaS Project

In partnership with HITRANS

IMOVE Urban MaaS Project

In partnership with TfGM

O2 London Mobility Hub

In partnership with BP

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Join the world’s fastest growing MaaS network

Mobilleo drives real value for our partners

Joining the Mobilleo partner network provides a range of benefits for your business.

Detailed Reporting Suite

Access to data about the demand for your services, helping you to better understand the needs of people in different regions.

Strengthen your Proposition

Work collaboratively with other Mobilleo partners to strengthen your customer proposition regionally or nationally.

Increased Customer Base

Increase your visibility and grow your customer base by reaching millions of users with a requirement for your services. 

Reliable Payment Process

As a Mobilleo partner you will have access to a simple back office process for payment and reconciliation.

Influence the Future of MaaS

Gain visibility as a forward thinking operator and via Mobilleo be part of MaaS discussions and projects in multiple regions.

Insight into Service Usage

Use data captured by the Mobilleo platform to make more informed decisions about the provision of your services.

Join our Mobilleo Partner Network

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