Year: 2018

The industry standard is for companies to own a private corporate fleet. Owning such a poorly optimised and notably cost-ineffective system can lead many SME’s to needlessly spend so much of their business travel budget. These companies would be very pleased to discover that there is an alternative method for your employees travelling by car […]Continue reading

As both councils and communities make movements towards becoming more environmentally-aware, some are taking initiatives that tackle one of the major polluters, vehicles. These initiatives come in the form of Clean Air Zones which (depending on the zone class) will charge certain vehicles that don’t meet emission requirements for entering a set zone usually in […]Continue reading

1996 – The Conception Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a concept that has only recently gained widespread interest however it has been in development for many more years than it seems. Technically, it was brought into consideration during 1996 when the idea of an intelligent information assistant integrating into travel services. This idea would […]Continue reading

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) has progressively developed over recent years to revolutionise the travel industry and is essentially rebranding the idea of efficient business travel. As a means of providing a more organised and energy efficient travel industry, many companies are beginning to see the immediate effects of supporting the development of MaaS, but […]Continue reading