Mobilleo Case Study – The Other Person Consultancy

We recently visited one of our clients ‘The Other Person Consultancy’ to find out how their experience with adopting the Mobilleo Platform played out. Finance and Operations Head Rachel Rhodes was happy to speak to us to discuss the problems they had within their business and how Mobilleo solved these problems. Here’s what The Other Person Consultancy had to say:

Who are you and what does your business do?

I’m Rachel, Head of Finance and Operations at The Other Person Consultancy.  We help our clients improve their businesses and client relationships through strategic thinking, brand identities, design and software development.

What problem did you have before adopting the Mobilleo platform?

We were asked to travel to one of our client’s offices.  A team member drove there using his own car, and on the return journey, broke down.  As you can imagine, the employee spent a very long night waiting to travel home, and their car needed a new engine. After that incident we then started to look into how staff can travel to their destinations going forward, safely and efficiently.

How did Mobilleo solve these problems?

Using Mobilleo gave us the opportunity to explore other cost-effective method of travel and allowed the team to arrive at their destinations, refreshed and ready to be creative!

What are the benefits of using Mobilleo over traditional travel booking?

Like many people, I get nervous making travel arrangements for other people.  You think, ‘What if I book the wrong day, wrong time etc’. Using Mobilleo meant that I can book travel easily, but also allows team members to book their own travel as well, to fit their own schedules.  They can then use the app to track the various stages of their journey.

What results have you seen from Mobilleo since you started using it?

We have all our journeys held in one location, which is great!  We have opted for monthly billing, which reports all travel spend and streamlines this process for me.

What three words would best describe your experience with Mobilleo?

Fast, Friendly and Helpful.

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