Mobilleo at the Miss Jones Showcase 2019 – Post Event Round Up

Justin and Gavin were happy to have attended the Miss Jones Showcase 2019 at the Curtain Hotel. Whilst there, Justin and Gavin made plenty of connections and were happy to help anyone with any queries regarding Mobilleo. We hope that all those attended were intrigued by our products ability to optimise your travel bookings, allowing many users (Including Personal Assistants) to focus on their other tasks throughout the working day.

If you missed us at the Miss Jones Showcase and would like to learn more about how Mobilleo can benefit PA’s, visit:

The Miss Jones Showcase is an event tailored towards helping Personal Assistants network with similar people and to discover services and products that can assist them in their daily work life. Hosted in the Ballroom at the Curtain Hotel, the Miss Jones Showcase provides guest with the opportunity to develop their connections and discover new alternatives to traditional PA lifestyles.

Mobilleo’s primary objective is to revolutionise travel by providing all ranges of users with an optimised travel consolidation platform. To accomplish this, countless hours have been spent developing a first-of-its-kind platform dedicated to making business travel smarter.

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