Mobility as a Service Companies to Watch in Spain

In attempts to promote the growth of Mobility as a Service into a world-wide scale, revolutionary product many countries are openly supporting the development of MaaS technologies and by doing so have become world-leaders in mobility. One such country is Spain, even going so far as to being home of Mobile World Capital until 2023, Barcelona.

Being such a pivotal aspect of the implementation of MaaS, it is clear that Spain would host some of the most impactful Mobility as a Service platforms and initiatives. And by naming a few we hope to create more exposure for these companies as they continue to progress and provide revolutionary travel solutions in Spain.

MaaS Malaga

As the proclaimed ‘First MaaS platform in Spain”, MaaS Malaga works as a travel planning and booking app that allows users to access a range of travel options all consolidated into one platform. Working alongside an iMaaS card, the platform allows for effective and easy payment for all formats of travel booking in an effort to better organise travel on a city-wide scale once the user base grows.

Having been made as a possible solution to the overflow of cities and the excess air pollution, MaaS Malaga holds the potential to make a serious impact on the reduction of pollution in Spanish cities as many commuters choose shared mobility over private ownership due to its nature of being cheaper over a long-term basis.

MaaS Malaga has a number of features that make it a strong platform however its route planning feature is what brings MaaS Malaga into the limelight as a top-tier Mobility as a Service product.

MaaS Madrid

Launched in July 2018, MaaS Madrid is another travel consolidation platform that works towards optimising travel organisation and developing a smoother mobility infrastructure specifically in the Madrid area of Spain. This project was developed as a response to the Air Quality and Climate Change Plan of the Madrid City Council and has the potential to change the way Madrid currently travels to a much more environmentally-friendly structure.

By providing not only travel bookings but raising awareness towards new types of alternative travel methods MaaS Madrid becomes one of the many leaders in adapting and revolutionising Spanish Mobility.

MaaS Catalonia

Situated in Barcelona, the Mobile World Capital until 2023, MaaS Catalonia is an initiative with the intention of generating awareness and exposure for all formats of Mobility as a Service platforms from all over the world. We at Mobilleo have been first-hand receivers of MaaS Catalonia’s support and are aware of the work it does to assist in the process of revolutionising travel as many know it.

By working both locally and globally, MaaS Catalonia has developed a MaaS manifesto that highlights the benefits of Mobility as a Service and the goals for the future involving its integration. This does not only help people new to the concept to better understand but also helps businesses and communities to see the long-term impact of a MaaS integrated travel infrastructure.

Spain has quickly established itself as one of the leading innovators in developing Mobility in the coming years and we should be very attentive towards the platforms they create and the initiatives they generate. Many communities and governments alike could take inspiration from the Spanish attitude towards environmental awareness in the travel sector and the methods that can be taken to become eco-friendlier, the major solution being Mobility as a Service.