MaaS Technology + MaaS Operator 

With our back-office infrastructure and service delivery team, Mobilleo can also be deployed as individual MaaS Operator to work with any other MaaS technology solution or service providers.

User experience and customer success at the core MaaS Operator Model

The Mobilleo Technology + MaaS Operator focuses on supporting marketing, user engagement, onboarding and ongoing customer support driven by our multilingual back office teams.

Achieving the right results for all stakeholders 24/7/365 

The Mobilleo MaaS operator back-office delivers crucial support to users, not just from a technical perspective, but day-to-day and through the night via our contact centre.

Working with you and your chosen partners

The Mobilleo Technology + MaaS operator solutions can comfortably work in partnership with other mobility providers, transport operators and added value services such as incentive providers.

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