A collaborative approach 

Mobilleo can be deployed in line with your strategic objectives around active travel, congestion reduction and air quality improvements.

White label capability

The platform can be branded in line with an authority’s preferred strategy, including the involvement of existing travel programmes.

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Powerful & intelligent journey planning

Mobilleo Smart Journey Planning is a powerful multi-modal journey planner allowing users to find, book and pay for all transportation types and preferences.

Connected sustainable transport for all

Working with you and your local transport operators to integrate services and provide optimum, sustainable choices to residents and visitors.

Public, private, shared, micro and more

The Mobilleo integration layer includes transport operators across multiple modes including bus, train, bike, scooter, car club and many more. Our team is experienced in leading integrations with local operators that can be included in any city deployment.

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Support payment the way users want to pay

A flexible choice of secure payment options include credit/debit card and Paypal for residents or monthly billing via company account for businesses and their employees.

Integrated ticketing for a seamless experience

Mobilleo has ability to integrate into existing ticketing platforms or create alternatives by working with our partners using the unique Flash pass ticketing engine.

User engagement like never before

Mobilleo can support mobility credits, mobility hubs or integrate into incentive providers to nudge behaviour into active, shared or more sustainable travel modes that reflect the strategy of the authority. We work with the authority to understand the strategy and deploy Mobilleo accordingly.

Data driven UI /UX

Transportation data engineered for connected cities and class leading native app functionality.

Built to roam the way we need to travel

As well as local travel Mobilleo can also support users who wish to travel further afield, either to another region, city or even country. Our global integrations allow a user to move seamlessly and efficiently.

TMaaS: Total MaaS effectiveness

MaaS data provides authorities and transport operators with valuable insight into how people want to, and actually do move around cities or regions. This can help with areas such as transport planning and identifying areas or groups that are disadvantaged in terms of access to mobility.

Supporting customers every step of the way

Our unique MaaS operator programme means your City MaaS platform is in safe hands with our back office experience, track record and skilled delivery team. End users have access to a dedicated customer support team via the in-app Concierge feature.

A 5-step decarbonisation programme 

At the centre of the Mobilleo total MaaS effectiveness is a 5-step decarbonisation programme designed to achieve major objectives. From CO2 tagging, CO2 reporting, Air pollution data, behavioural change incentivisation and academic partnership.

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