Workforce Commute

Employees are adapting to the new normal, this shift has a significant impact on commuting patterns. Mobilleo supports customers to deploy organisation specific commuting schemes; enhancing experience and reducing emissions.

Mobility Budgets

Organisations now focus on Total Reward, seeking innovative ways to enhance their employee benefit offering. A Mobilleo Mobility Budget provides access to all transit modes to book all business and personal journeys.

Company Car – Usership

Traditional models of car ownership do not meet current employee expectations. Mobilleo deploys Company Car Usership schemes allowing employees access to a vehicle of their choice, as often and for as long as they need.

Business Travel – Powered by MaaS

Mobility as a Service is revolutionising business travel, saving time and money. Mobilleo connects all transit modes into one application, under-pinned by your travel policy.

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Carbon conscious organisations are seeking innovative ways to reduce their total emissions. Movezero brings all zero emission transit into one eMaaS application, helping the shift to electric vehicle mobility.

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Total Organisation Mobility

Understanding Total Organisation Mobility is a powerful tool to meeting strategic objectives. Mobilleo deploys all-encompassing mobility schemes, providing organisations with control over the total mobility landscape.

The complete MaaS toolkit for your workforce

This complete guide walks you through the Mobility as a Service features that matter most to businesses, and discusses the advantages of implementing them with the Mobilleo platform.

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