Company Car and Fleet

The world of the company car and fleet manager is changing. Modern thinking and purchasing behaviors are moving more towards using assets as opposed to purchasing vehicles or long term leasing contracts.

Your challenge

Managing operational costs and activity for company and fleet is a hugely time consuming and resource intensive task. As our cities become more connected in the palm of our hands then the need for a wide range of transportation service providers is key to effective business mobility.

Our solution

A focus toward flexibility and choice are the key motivators for modern employees. Offering vehicles and services that drive savings and benefits to the workforce is at the core of modern business objectives. Mobilleo challenges thinking that Fleet / Company car is the only business mobility option. Our cost comparison smart mobility engine presents more cost-efficient alternatives that empowers employees to make their own travel decisions.

Car Hire Bookers

Mobilleo connects the entire UK and International market for vehicle hire requirements. We work closely with car hire decision makers to provide them with split-second car hire quotations and real-time comparative analysis versus potentially more cost-effective methods of travel.

Your challenge

Finding the best cost for your business requirements can be a time-consuming and expensive task in an over-saturated marketplace. Existing car hire business platforms lack the intuitive and slick user interface of consumer tools, often making them difficult to use.

Our solution

We use our proprietary technology to provide you with on-demand access to the biggest network of suppliers in today’s market. From standard cars and vans to specialist vehicles, Mobilleo will drive down the cost of using hire vehicles. Our hire team are some of the most experienced rental experts in the UK and are on hand to talk to you during the everyday management of hiring vehicles for employees.

Business Traveller

Businesses of all sizes are aligning business travel and expenditure with that of the traditional cost of running a fleet of vehicles. Technology is powering the ability to assess any business journey and the suitable options and costs for each trip as an alternative to the company car.

Your challenge
Managing a multi-journey workflow with travel, accommodation and food can be a time-consuming and confusing task to organise. Distribution and storage of business mobility assets such as tickets, reservations & receipts can be unwieldy.

Our solution
Mobilleo delivers a consumer-like booking experience to the business world and learns the user’s behaviors. It empowers employees to book their own journey and enhances user experience to deliver an intuitive and straight-forward service.

Personal Assistants

Research shows businesses and personal assistants have to take as many as nine different steps just to book hotels. Many have to trawl through websites or booking tools up to 3 times before anything is booked.

Your challenge
Ask any PA how many hours are spent each month coordinating travel, hotels, hire cars and then managing all those changes and cancellations that can occur. Furthermore, PAs need to ensure that colleague preferences are taken into account (e.g. preferred hotel, transportation provider and selected seat) – this involves more time spent on planning rather than booking.

Our solution
Mobilleo is the first mobility as a service platform that aggregates all potential forms of transportation into a single user interface in realtime. It can save hours in planning, allowing to you Find, Book and Pay on card or account for any business journey. Our smart mobility engine learns as you book and can recall user preferences to produce a truly personalised itinerary.


Mobilleo is  a game-changer for finance teams around the globe. Our seamless Find, Book & Pay smart mobility engine integrates all planning, booking and payment into one simple transaction and will help improve your businesses’ operational profitability.

Your challenge

Reconciling invoices from multiple service providers can waste hours in productivity. When you add this to authorising expense claims on spreadsheets, this task saps valuable resource and effort from your finance team.

Our solution

Mobilleo allows employees to Find, Book and Pay for the most suitable modes of transport by using our smart mobility engine. All transactions are seamlessly integrated in Mobilleo saving time and money for your business.

Executive Data

Big Data drives the total cost of mobility within Mobilleo. Because we integrate the market for transportation with application and machine learning, it means we can drive the right buying decisions and choices when it comes to business mobility.

Your challenge
Businesses can be operating fleets in excess of 5,000+ vehicles with little knowledge of their true total costs. Additional hidden costs such as repairs, insurance and fuel can quickly lead to cost-inefficiency for fleet managers.

Our solution
Mobilleo learns user preferences as they continually use the product. It combines the total cost of mobility by collating vehicle repair, insurance, fuel and general maintenance costs into one single number. Our platform uses machine learning and human analysis
to identify potential cost savings within your business mobility strategy.

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