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How Has Technology Changed the Travel Industry?


Technology has just about entered every corner of our lives. From the second we wake up in a morning to the minute we fall asleep technology has spread to push us into a faster, smarter and more intelligent world. The internet has brought us closer together and is pushing an on-demand world in which we are ever pushing forward in for new and exciting technological solutions.

One industry that has been taken back by the surge in technology is the travel industry as it greatly benefits from faster solutions to everyday travel related problems. Here are some technologies that have changed the travel industry in the last 10 years. Read More »

Technology Trends – Up & Coming in 2017

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As we enter 2017 there are more and more technologies being announced and revealed to the world. Technology can make all of our work and personal lives easier, but no industry will be as influenced by technology as the travel industry. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of our emerging trends to watch:

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What is Smart Mobility?

Smart Mobility is a new way of moving your business. It brings together the convenience of low cost, hassle free and adaptive travel that learns as you move. Smart Mobility is a blanket term for a whole range of helpful and customisable features of Mobilleo as a product. Some of the features of Smart Mobility include:

  • Low Cost Mobility
  • Customisable Application Limits
  • Convergence of all forms of business travel into one single mobility solution
  • Customisable Itinerary
  • Find, Book & Pay System
  • Expense Management

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What is Mobilleo?

Mobilleo is an up and coming world class technology platform for business. It combines all modes of business travel (the company car, hire cars and all forms of ground transportation) into one smart mobility solution. Our state of the art smart mobility engine can help reduce hours spent on planning, as well as travel and vehicle costs.

Our platform assesses any business journey and then presents you with all forms of available transport, including the cost of driving your own vehicle into a door to door itinerary. You can find, book and pay in seconds for the most suitable mode of transport based on your preferences or companies policies. Read More »

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