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Why MaaS can’t just be about mass public transit…

2017 has been a huge year for Mobility-as-a-Service. As we recently noted in a guest post for the Business Travel Show, searches for the phrase have seen significant growth in the last year. We’ve seen serious entrants to the marketplace and substantial investments made into MaaS applications, initiatives, and projects. Just last month the UK Government announced the start of an inquiry into Mobility-as-a-Service and what it could mean to the country.

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8 Key Components of Your Company’s Business Travel Policy

In our ever-changing and fast paced world of business travel, policies have become a controversial topic. Business travel policies are put in place to make sure an employee of a business have a clear understanding of their entitlements and requirements when travelling. Policies are put in place for a few of the following reasons: Read More »

The Future of Disruptive Technology for Mobility-as-a-Service

Mobility-as-a-Service is the offering of multiple approaches, alternatives and methods of travelling, but it is only achievable with the evolution of technology. Technology such as smartphones, open-source API access and improved connectivity have helped lay the foundations for Mobility-as-a-Service to thrive. Without connected technology, it would be near impossible to effectively and efficiently present every method of transport, every supplier, every permutation of travel.

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10 Travel Start-ups With Mobility-as-a-Service Technology

Each and every year there is a new way technology is influencing how we travel. British Airways recently introduced facial recognition technology at Heathrow so passengers could board quicker. Automotive manufacturers such as General Motors have recently invested heavily in car sharing initiatives as younger drivers look to usership ahead of car ownership. It’s not just major corporations making waves in travel technology however.

In the last 3 years we’ve seen numerous travel start-ups spring up and change the way we travel. With this in mind, here are some of our favourite start-ups to look out for… Read More »

Employee Spotlight: Joanna Grindrod (April 2017)

At Mobilleo we would like to give you an exclusive insider on who is running your business mobility service. This month we thought we’d give you a little insight into one of Mobilleo’s main cogs, Mobility Operations Manager Joanna Grindrod.

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5 Ways to Reduce Mobility Costs This Month

We all want to save money. The less we spend on our travel the happier we tend to be (providing the service we receive is adequate enough). This is why we have compiled 5 of our recommended ways that you can save money on your business’s mobility this month.

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What does Total Cost of Mobility mean for Business Travel?

We already know that business mobility encompasses a huge range of transport providers, micro-journeys and planning, yet many businesses fail to identify and understand the true total cost of all this activity. The “Total Cost of Mobility” or TCM, refers to the combined cost of any activity in relation to business travel. That doesn’t just mean the cost of car hire or fleet vehicles, but all the other associated costs such as a vehicle repair, parking charges, and even the cost of someone picking up train tickets from a station. Read More »

What is Mobility as a Service (MaaS)?

Mobility as a Service is an online technology solution that allows businesses to find, manage and analyse the travel of their employees. Mobility as a Service or MaaS, unifies all modes of transport for a business into one simple and easy to use platform with the objective of improving cost and efficiency through shorter travel planning and cost comparison.

A MaaS platform such as Mobilleo streamlines all aspects of travel for a business into one solution, this may include:

  • Transport planning and booking
  • Cost analysis of comparison of different travel options e.g. vehicle hire vs. train
  • Storage and management of travel details and booking documents
  • Expense recording and analysis
  • On-demand booking and changes to transport or accommodation
  • Discovery of accommodation or restaurant options
  • personalisation and data learning from historical data to plan future travel arrangements
  • Total cost of mobility analysis

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What is Business Mobility?

Business Mobility is the movement of people within a business – the method of transport they use to travel, the process they use to plan journeys, the payment of travel and actual journey they take. Business Mobility therefore is a hugely important element of business operations in terms of resource, cost and efficiency. However, it is often overlooked as an administrative task with little impact or influence on the long term strategy of the business.

In reality, Business Mobility can be a hidden burden on operational costs if ignored, or a positive influence on internal resourcing and travel costs if considered appropriately. For larger enterprise organisations, Business Mobility can consume millions of pounds worth of revenue every year and could be the difference between profit and loss. Read More »

Mobilleo launching at the Business Travel Show 2017

Fleetondemand are delighted to announce that we will be exclusively demonstrating the Mobilleo platform at this year’s Business Travel Show on 22nd/23rd February. The British Travel Show is Europe’s largest specialised exhibition and conference for buyers and managers of business travel based at Olympia, London.

Nearly 8,000 business mobility decision makers are expected to attend to learn about the latest product developments, tactics and data for the business travel industry. Read More »

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