Book everything in one place

Mobilleo searches thousands of different travel providers for car hire, flights, trains, car clubs, taxis, airport lounges and hotels. Users can find, book and pay for their entire business journey as one single door-to-door itinerary with all their travel documents securely stored within the application.

Business users can make travel bookings through the smartphone or desktop app, or via Mobilleo’s middle office (where they can manage multiple users and journeys from one dashboard).

Thousands of travel providers | Intuitive user interface | Make bookings instantly

Travel invoiced the way you want it

Mobilleo allows businesses to receive travel invoices in the format and structure they want for internal finance processes. There are a wide range of payment to choose from including flexible monthly mobility packages, pay-as-you-go by debit or credit card and by opening a business credit account.

Business travel managers can manage their employees by setting user group or individual travel spend limits or restricting travel options such as access to first-class tickets.

Monthly mobility packages | Pay by Credit/Debit | Expense management

Desktop and native apps

Our Mobility-as-a-Service application is available to download for free from the Apple AppStore (iOS devices) and the Google PlayStore (Android devices). Users can download, create an account and get started straight away.

Mobilleo is also accessible on desktop devices, allowing businesses to access their business travel dashboards at any time, in any place, worldwide.

Desktop | iOS smartphones and tablets | Android smartphones and tablets

Business Mobility reporting like never before

As all travel bookings can be made through the Mobilleo app, fleet managers and financial directors can access a wealth of travel data. This data helps businesses better understand their total cost of mobility and identify areas they can improve travel costs and efficiencies.

A middle office dashboard allows travel managers to access and analyse all the travel bookings made in order to better understand their mobility activity.

Total cost of mobility | Expense management | Travel data analysis

Business Users
Partner Travel Providers
Travel Revenue (£) Managed

– Mobilleo Features for Business –

Smart Mobility Engine
Tailor-made business journeys created and compared in seconds.

Door-to-door Itinerary
Receive your full business travel plan in one easy to digest itinerary.

Journey Planner
Create your journey to add time to rest, eat or meet at nearby places.

Travel Documents
All of your documentation kept securely within our Cloud.

Clean & Intuitive Interface
Easy to use & stress-free mobile and desktop applications.

Accommodation Search
Find, Book & Pay for accomodation based on distance, price and comfort.

Local Discovery
Find local places to eat, drink or spend an evening whilst on the road.

Pay by Card or PayPal
Quick and hassle-free payments that are convenient to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobilleo is a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) technology platform for business. It combines all forms of business travel into one smart mobility solution that is cheaper, less time consuming and more efficient for the end user.

Mobilleo has been specifically designed for businesses to improve how they Find, Book and Pay for their business travel. Mobilleo takes every aspect of travel and makes it possible in one single app. Businesses can book more efficient journeys, analyse their employee’s travel data, enforce travel policies and budgets.

No longer do business need to waste hours of frantically trying to book train tickets at the right time or spend hours trying to find available accomodation for a certain price. Mobilleo takes care of all of these problem in one easy to use application.

Mobilleo is owned and developed by the team at Fleetondemand. A leader in fleet technology, the Yorkshire based team have over 15 years experience in cloud based technology for the business travel market.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is an approach to facilitating business travel through technology. Business Mobility as a Service is about providing more travel options for businesses, from a self-employed worker through to a multi-national corporation. Using smart technology, businesses can move from ownership to usership models and take advantage of more flexible options such as a car clubs, car hire and pay-as-you-go offers for their travel.

If you and your business want to find out more about Mobilleo or want to see how it works as a live demonstration then please use the contact form at the top of the page to get in touch with us.