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Mobilleo’s Best Tips For Business Travel

Published on
January 14, 2019
Matt Lenton
Marketing Director
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Entering the new year, many business travellers will be looking ahead towards a hectic year of journeys to a vast range of destinations. Therefore, travelling individuals should be looking out for the most effective manner in which to organise their business ventures. We at Mobilleo have our own set of travelling tips that can boost the efficiency of your travel making the overall experience more enjoyable and considering how business travel is supposed to see growth in 2019, it could be very wise to consider all your viable travel options.

Research Your Destination

Should your business travel require you to go to places you previously haven’t visited it is extremely helpful to gain some before-hand knowledge on the destination. During your business journey, you may need to find a place to eat and therefore finding a restaurant whilst preparing the venture can save a sizeable amount of time and hassle.

Using Mobilleo’s Local Discovery feature a user can accumulate all activities to engage in and all restaurants to visit, allowing you to scope out what options you have available to you during your business journey. For example, if a business opportunity required you to travel to London yet you have free time on the night of arrival, Mobilleo’s journey planner would provide you with option such as music events, theatre shows and more to ensure that your business travel isn’t only successful, but enjoyable.

Planning Ahead

Planning your journey in advance is essential towards making your business venture as successful as possible. Of course, some extent of spontaneity is encouraged however without a certain amount of preparation a business journey can quickly deteriorate into a poorly organised and unsuccessful trip due to unforeseen complications.

Planning ahead can entail activities such as packing clothes accordingly for all forms of weather/climate, researching into desirable restaurants yet arguably most important would be to plan your route towards the destination and what transport you will be using to get there. Using Mobilleo’s Smart Search engine, the most effective route and method of transportation will be presented to you when booking the journey alongside a multitude of alternative options to allow for a balanced decision between practicality and personal preference.

Track Your Expenses

Budgeting correctly can allow a business journey to appear significantly more successful in hindsight, showing you can manage your expenses connotes to others that you are professional and organised, ultimately reflecting well upon your company as well. Within the Mobilleo platform is a budget planner, meaning that you can easily see whether or not you are remaining within your specified budget. This feature is especially helpful when considering many business travellers overlook their micro-journeys (Journeys such as the taxi to the airport you are flying from etc), which over time can equate to a large expense going unnoticed and unaccounted for.

Correct and Relevant Documentation

Ensuring you have the necessary documents to make your travel seamless may seem like an obvious point to make, however it is very common for documents to be forgotten and therefore making a task of organising them before the trip is a very important part of making business travel as smooth as possible. Fortunately for the more forgetful business travellers, Mobilleo electronically stores all travel documents like tickets and passes, making it much easier to manage all required documents before and during the business journey.

Ensure You Take Full Advantage of Products and Services

Many travel providers offer deals such as loyalty schemes or rewards for travelling with them, capitalising on these can add a number of benefits to your current business venture or to ones in the near future. Some of these benefits may include discounts on future bookings or a free coffee/meal during your trip, these rewards can significantly increase the cost-efficiency of your travel or your overall enjoyment of the journey therefore it would be smart to make capital out of these offers.

Mobilleo has a separate feature that users can take full advantage of, this service being the concierge feature. This is an on-demand feature where a user can customise their journey and bookings on the go through a customer service representative assisting with your travel organisation.

Enjoy Your Travel

Within the final stretch of 2018 a new concept of Bleisure surfaced, this being an amalgamation of both business and leisure. This concept introduces the idea of including time within your business journey to engage in activities and truly explore the destination you have travelled to. This is arguably one of the most important tips within this list, as not only does it ensure that you are having the best possible time you can have whilst still being business-orientated, but the more enjoy these ventures, the more it will reflect well upon your appearance to others as you come across passionate and motivated when considering your business and the travel involved with it.