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How Mobilleo Can Make Your Business Travel Greener

Published on
July 11, 2019
Matt Lenton
Marketing Director
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Creating a sustainable future. A movement that is seriously impacting the way businesses and individuals think about their travel. But how can Mobilleo make your business travel greener, and significantly more eco-friendly?

Mobilleo is a platform MaaS (Mobility as a Service) that is available to download today. It manages and assesses all methods of travel be it for an individual or for a business, helping consolidate all the data and expense to better manage not just your money, but your carbon footprint too.

Access to more Eco-Friendly options

Mobilleo aims to promote and deliver options from all types of travel ranging from trains all the way to car sharing or hire. Employees require all possible travel options to decide on the most suitable method for themselves. This gives them not only freedom, but a whole host of different choices that can change the way your travel affects the environment.

By providing all these different choices for travel it encourages businesses and users to consider taking the ‘greener’ option, seeing as the idea of managing travel emissions has been heavily pushed in recent years for being a more eco-friendly and sustainable way to keep our planet healthy, whilst still getting from A to B.

When looking at this from a larger perspective, if SME’s and more sizable businesses were to engage in using Mobilleo to organise using more eco-friendly travel, we would immediately begin to see improvements in our daily business-related emissions.

Journey Planning – Cutting out unnecessary emissions

Mobilleo has an integrated journey planner, meaning that you can manage and split apart what methods of transportation you want to use to get between destinations, both outward and inbound.

By allowing this more detailed method of planning to be used, businesses can track how their employees want to commute from location to location and can therefore recommend or provide more environmentally friendly ways for business travel. It also gives the employee a wide variety of options based on the most productive, fastest, cheapest and greenest form of travel.

If a business chooses to be more environmentally aware, Mobilleo provides the option to make this move into a greener space. There is also the option for a business to restrict certain travel types. For example, a business may want to restrict their employees using air travel as this is known to be one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses. This in effect direct the employee towards using other greener methods of travel such as the train.

Using digital based documents over traditional print

Having all your travel documents in one place isn’t just easy and effective, it’s eco-friendly too. By using Mobilleo to track all your travel and manage your tickets and expenses you are saving yourself from having to rack up a collection of print tickets, which aren’t just a hassle to handle but are detrimental for the environment too. With Mobilleo you can cut out the hassle and the print as the application allows you to store digital documents and apply them to each journey.

This is not just a more environmentally friendly option, it’s also hyper-convenient to the user. Gone are the days of juggling multiple documents which may bring problems such as loss and theft. Mobilleo allows you to carry everything alongside your journey planner in the cloud.

Smart Search

Smart Search is a key feature proving what makes Mobilleo special. A user simply searches when and where they want to travel to and when they plan to return. Our custom-built API lounge works to provide you with all options possible. Mobilleo will also inform what your CO2 emissions will be for each option. This gives you the freedom to decide on what is not only your most convenient or cost-effective option but the most environmentally friendly option as well.

All these features of our Mobilleo app work in cohesion with each other to generate an effective platform that works with the users and learns as they travel. Mobilleo doesn’t just make business travel easier, it offers a wide range of options to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Learn why Mobilleo is the employee mobility solution of choice for discerning customers.

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