5 Reasons Businesses Need A Business-Specific MaaS Solution

It goes without saying that a MaaS influenced future would have benefits for everyone, ranging from the average individual commuter all the way to a business owner. Focusing on the latter, however, it would appeal to a company owner to have a MaaS solution specifically targeted toward resolving business travel expenses and booking from a managerial perspective.  With the development of MaaS and its platforms, there are some appearing that do focus on business MaaS solutions, leading the way is the Mobility as a Service platform Mobilleo.

Saves Time

The classic saying “Time is money” very much rings true for modern-age businesses, therefore any methods to save time when organising travel should be quickly attained. Apps such as Mobilleo consolidate all bookings and travel documents into one application, meaning not only the booking process is easier for the business owner, but managing the documents is easier for the employee too. By placing everything a business needs to organise business travel within one platform it significantly cuts down the time it takes to book a variety of travel, meaning businesses have more time to focus on other priorities.

Saves Money

MaaS platforms don’t just save you time, it saves you a significant amount of money over a period of using the app. During the booking stage of arranging travel, Mobilleo will provide you with all viable options of travel, allowing a business manager to weigh in factors like cost compared to convenience for the commuter and make a decision based upon the pros and cons of each option. Businesses not only find themselves benefitting financially, but they would also begin to see their employees be more satisfied with their business travel, as they can have a say in the way they travel.

Manages Your Resources

For a company management of resources can be critical to ensuring the most growth and development possible. Having a business-focused platform such as Mobilleo allows for tracking of expenditure, allowing companies the freedom to distribute the desired amount of resources towards travel for its employees how they see fit. More often than not, without travel management there is a large amount money being left unaccounted for and unmanaged, businesses using MaaS solutions optimised for business use means that this lack of monitoring over travel cost is no longer an issue. Overall it allows for a company to notice unnecessary expenses and cut them out from their expenditure accordingly.

Consolidates Your Data

As technology develops and businesses around the world revolutionise, more data is needed to be monitored alongside it. Without the right method of knowing and understanding this data it can become incredibly difficult for a business to get the most out of their money. Mobilleo as a MaaS business-solution platform consolidates all the data involving a company’s business travel and makes the deciphering of a company’s data much more manageable and therefore making a more efficiently run business.

Tracks Your Emissions

Businesses need to consider their carbon footprint in order to guarantee that they can be successful not only in the present, but the future too. One of the features of Mobilleo included within the Smart Mobility Engine is an estimation of your CO2 emissions for each method of transport, allowing businesses to not only consider the most cost-effective option but the most environmentally friendly option too.

These 5 reasons should make it very apparent that businesses could see a vast number of benefits from using a business-specific MaaS solution. For such a low-cost method of booking and managing business travel, many companies of varying sizes are expected to see growth in the coming years due to capitalising on this new technology and becoming dependant on Mobility as a Service to organise and optimise travel for their business.